Bauer & Sons becomes a Manufactory


Dear Bauer & Sons Fans,

after months of hard work, brand-definition, market-analysis, rebranding and a business redefinition, we came to the conclusion, that we are so much more than the average carpenters business. With our unique 360-degree approach, we offer and deliver far beyond the average spectrum of a carpenter. That’s why it became clear to us, that we need to change our own labelling in order to fully embrace our corporate culture, core values and our credo. That’s why we have decided to leave the old and dusty carpenters business behind and embrace who we truly are in becoming a manufactory. You can be looking forward to even more Bauer & Sons, especially through our very own furniture collection, which we currently develop  with a lot of love and attention to detail, together with European designers. The future is bright, vivid, diverse and most importantly – very exciting! Stay tuned for the manufactory of the future – Bauer & Sons!

Until then, we wish you a fantastic time and all the very best! Take good care!


The Bauer & Sons Team