The thinkers and makers behind Bauer & Sons


Michael Bauer

Founder & CEO

For almost 45 years, this master joiner has been drafting, designing and making his clients dreams for perfect and harmonious living spaces a reality. From an early age, his passion for craft work sparked when he would be inspired by watching his Uncle Hans in his workshop. Therefore, the choice for Michael’s profession wasn’t simply made because of his intention to find work, it was because he carried a very special gift for his craft in his genes. Just as his ancestors have passed onto him the ‘Bauer Gene’, he too has passed it onto his sons. They too are inspired by the beauty of the profession and watching his attention to detail in the creation of something truly magnificent. Since he began his career, the core values of Bauer & Sons are always deeply embedded into his work, reflecting in his work ethics. With a lot of personality, creativity, innovation and high demands for quality, Michael resembles the ultimate guarantor for success. Driven by his credo of gifting people with the joy of living, he carefully crafts around every object with a much greater aim, to give people a place to come home to. He is deeply involved from ideation to the finalisation of every single client project and oversees the entire manufacturing process, as well as branding every Bauer & Sons piece with their very unique corporate character. An outstanding listener, he excels in recognising every client’s true needs and desires and has a solution for any problem. That’s how he transforms a house, into your home. 

Simon Bauer

Sales & Customer Relations

The eldest son of Bauer & Sons, Simon is the longest serving team member. He puts his heart and soul into his work to push forward Bauer & Sons. A professionally trained joiner, upon the completion of his apprenticeship, he studied Theology and Philosophy in order to, as he puts it, “Understand God’s beautiful world, life and humanity a little better!”. He also completed further studies in Industrial Psychology and uses his gained expertise to aid him in making his client’s dreams a reality and making their experience at Bauer & Sons an unforgettable one.

Albertine Bauer

Office and Accounting

Our dear Albertine is literally spoken the “&” in Bauer & Sons. She’s the connector between family and our corporation and excels through her passion for art and music as well as her immense agility and spontaneity and is keeping the lads free of ties, by dealing with the daily accruing paper work. This how she’s not only managing us at home, but also at work and helps us at Bauer & Sons, so we can concentrate on what we do best – creating living experiences without measures.



The glorious group of highly skilled men behind Bauer & Sons.

Josef Kellner
Josef Kellner

Project Management & Trained Joiner

About Josef

Like so many at Bauer & Sons, the love for craftsmanship is at Josef’s very DNA. From a young age, his fascination for the carpenters profession and the work with wood and other materials alike, was sparked by his father, who let him observe in his workshop.  He’s as passionate a designer as he is a constructor of both simple, yet sophisticated projects alike. At Bauer & Sons, Josef is considered to be indispensable. With an utmost level of perfectionism and fine attention to detail, he works from project management, right across to the production of all kinds of client projects.

Anton Bauer
Anton Bauer

Trained Joiner

About Anton

Anton is a newcomer to Bauer & Sons. With his love for creation of the unique and his passion for good design, Anton is highly talented and, like everyone else at Bauer & Sons, is constantly raising the bar. As part of a big family, he shares our deep caring for the warm sense of home. Beginning from an early age, he would observe his father in the manufacturing workshop which inspired Anton to enter the profession. Therefore, wood and craftsmanship carry a sense of home for him, which he expresses perfectly through the design of premium handcrafted special living elements. With his pursuit of constant improvement and his young creator spirit, Anton highly enriches the team at Bauer & Sons.

Michael Doebke
Michael Doebke

Trained Joiner

About Michael

Just like Johannes, Michael also has a technical academic background. A former machine engineering student, now combines his affinity for design and craftsmanship with theoretical components from his former studies. Michael and his team are constantly presented with the challenge to question the Status Quo as part of our innovation-management. Ultimately giving him the opportunity to fully embrace his creativity, meticulously, in the creation of new processes and our own developments. As highly skilled, trained carpenter, he excels both in private and professionally through his passion for the creation of new things. The harmonious interaction of various materials  is something he finds most enticing.

Johannes Sudau
Johannes Sudau

Trained Joiner

About Johannes

Johannes carries a deep love for wood and manufacturing in his heart and soul. His enthusiasm for the “making” of things, was something he couldn’t quite embrace during his academic studies of construction engineering, until he eventually began his apprenticeship as a carpenter. Through the combination of academic theory and a craftsman’s practice, he’s constantly questioning the status quo and setting new standards together with the rest of the team. The family atmosphere and our excellent work climate are two things that Johannes holds dearly, especially the experimental work, which is a core component of our corporate culture.

Bauer & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
An der Kapelle 6
85435 Erding



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